From Turkey to Altai

23th march, 2022


The area of the confluence of the Chuya and Katun river in Altai is considered as the place created the first Turkic Khaganate. From the middle till the end of the VI centure the state was one of the biggest. The state includes the territory of Manchuria, Mongolia, Altai, East Turkestan, West Turkestan (Central Asia), Kazakhstan, Turkey as well as the Crimea and the North Caucasus.
Therefore, it is not surprising that people of Turkey are interested in the history of Altai.
There are several ways to get to Altai:
- direct flight from Turkey to Novosibirsk and from Novosibirsk by car to Altai.
- flight to Gorno-Altaisk airport with a transfer in Moscow (visit the website for Moscow city tours while your transfer).
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