7 jours / 7 nuits

hiking tour «Baikal pathway»

1150 €

hiking tour «Baikal pathway»
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 1150 € (prépaiement: 25%)

 Taille du groupe: 4-10 personnes;

 Durée: 7 jours / 7 nuits

 Départ: on demand



Destinations: lac Baikal



Lake Baikal nature is perfect for hiking tour.
In this tour you'll see:

  • Lake Baikal,
  • Baikal rocks viepoints,
  • Circum Baikal Railroad,
  • Chamar-Daban is an old mountain range,


Day 1. Irkutsk – Bolshoye Goloustnoye – Cape Cadilniy

Welcome to Lake Baikal! Today you are going to a buryat village called Bolshoye Goloustnoye, located in 2-hour drive from Irkutsk. There you will hit the famous Great Baikal Trail, built by volunteers from around the globe. Enjoy the rocky cliffs, Siberian forest with wild flowers and amazingly picturesque view to the lake, which locals respectfully call the Sea.
Trekking distance 16 km.
Overnight in Cape Cadilniy.
Accommodation in tents or in a cabin.

Day 2. Cadilniy Cape – Bolshiye Koty

You will continue hiking the Great Baikal Trail. Your destination today is Bolshiye Koty – a little cozy village located in the river valley. Along the way you will visit Skripper Cliff, a beautiful 200 m high rock formation.
Trekking distance 14 km.
Overnight in Bolshiye Koty.
Accommodation in tents or in a guesthouse.

Day 3. Bolshiye Koty – Listvyanka

Today the trail will bring you to Listvyanka, a settlement where one can find shops, cafes and museums. This part of the trail is very popular among local people, so you can enjoy it too.
Trekking distance 24 km.
Overnight in a guesthouse in Listvyanka.

Day 4. Listvyanka – Port Baikal – Sludyanka

Today you have a day to relax! After crossing the Angara river mouth, you will find yourself at the beginning of Circum Baikal Railroad. Once an important part of the Trans-Siberian, so-called golden buckle on the metal belt, today it is a dead end road. However, it is a truly magnificent century old railroad with tunnels, galleries and bridges – an open-air museum!
Enjoy the train ride with the view to the lake on one side and hills and cliffs on the other.
Overnight in a guesthouse in Sludyanka.

Day 5. Sludyanka – Weather station

Ready to hit the trail again? Today you are going to hike in the taiga forest and cross the mountain river 14 times, chipmunks will follow you along the way. Deep in the woods you will find yourself in the cabin surrounded by tall spruce and fir trees. Chamar-Daban is an old mountain range with dense vegetation.
Trekking distance 20 km.
Accommodation in tents or a cabin.

Day 6.Weather station – Peak Chersky – Weather station

Today you will reach the top of the mountain – the Chersky peak named after a Polish researcher and geographer. From the top you can enjoy view to the magnificent mountain lake in the shape of heart.
Trekking distance 10 km (round trip).

Day 7.Weather station – Sludyanka – Irkutsk

Hike down to Sludyanka and transfer to Irkutsk.
Trekking distance 20 km.
Accommodation in a hotel.

The cost includes:

  • Transfer (except flight),
  • tour-guide services,
  • 3 meals a day,
  • accommodation,
  • museum visit,
  • visa invitation