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Novosibirsk city tours

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Novosibirsk city tours

Hi, dear Friend! Go To Siberia shares with you our lovely Novosibirsk city. We'll help you to feel its rhythm, hear its voice, learn troubled Novosibirsk history. Advise places where you'll taste real Siberian cuisine.

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The most popular Novosibirsk entertainments and attractions for foreigners are:

  • Attend a performance of Opera and Ballet Theatre. The centre of Novosibirsk and its main sight is the Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is the biggest theatre in Russia and it’s fascinating. There wasn’t enough space in Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow for the staging of the Opera and Ballet Theatre - the stage appeared to be smaller. The performances start from the middle of September and finish in the middle of July.
  • Enjoy a hockey game. Novosibirsk hockey team «Siberia» is the most popular team in Novosibirsk. No other team and no other sport do not deserve such love of Novosibirsk as a hockey club Siberia. So in case you've got an opportunity - go to the hockey match (It happens not so often).
  • Visit Novosibirsk Zoo. Residents of Novosibirsk love this place and are proud of it. It is one of the biggest and the most interesting zoos in Russia. Its area is about 60 hectares. 738 species of animals live in the zoo (more than 11 000 individuals). Half of them are listed in the International Red Book.

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