3 hours 30 minutes

Novosibirsk city tour «Hydroelectric power and Academgorodok»

195 €

Hydroelectric power in Novosibirsk
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 195 € (prepayment: 0%)

 Group size: 1-2 pax;

 Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

 Start: on demand



Destinations: Novosibirsk | Russia



In Soviet period have been built many industrial objects. My country has thrown all forces and resources for these projects.
Novosibirsk has become the focus of this process. Scientific centre in Academgorodok gave needed knowledge and implements in Novosibirsk factories.
So, for building Novosibirsk hydroelectric power has been destroyed and flooded many villages around Novosibirsk.
We will tell you more about that

  • You'll know history of the hydroelectric power construction
  • You'll visit the locomotive museum. Trans-siberian locomotives of different eras, the Royal carriages, etc. are placed here.
  • You'll have a walking in the Academgorodok. This is one of the biggest and most successful scientific centre in Russia. It's located in the forest and has its own special spirit.

Cost in total for a privat group of up to 2 people.

The cost includes:

  • tour-guide services,
  • private car transfer,
  • entrance tickets to museums,
  • taxes and fees

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