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Rocks of Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal

Tours to Baikal

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Tours to Baikal

Check our tours where you can explore one of the most famous nature areas in Russia - the Baikal lake.
These road trips and excursion tours are designed by our Baikal local guides to give you comfortable options for discovering the region of the biggest lake on the Earth.

Tourist attractions in Baikal area

  • The Taltsy Museum
  • Lake Baikal Limnological Museum
  • Shaman’s Rock (Shamanka Rock) in Olkhon Island
  • Cape Khoboy
  • Peschanaya Bay
  • Maloye Morye (Little Sea)

About Baikal

Baikal is the lake in Eastern Siberia, the largest freshwater lake in the world. The length of Lake Baikal is more than 600 km, the maximum width is 80 km, the area is more than 34 thousand square kilometers, the height of the level of Lake Baikal above the world ocean level is 484 meters. The length of the lake's coastline is 1749 km.
Not far from the northwestern coast of Lake Baikal is located the Olkhon island, in the west between the island and the mainland lies the Maloye More Strait. In the southeast, there is the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. Olkhon Island and the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula seem to divide Baikal into two parts.
The deepest point of the lake is over 1700 meters. This place is located in its southwestern part, beside Olkhon Island.

Baikal lake


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